New students

Find out what you need to start your new life at tG反波胆首页. Plan ahead and learn what to expect for:

  • Travel
  • Pandemic precautions in Canada
  • Orienting yourself at tG反波胆首页
  • Your first semester
  • Your first week of classes

Course registration for international students

Find out about registering for your first-semester courses, and understand the differences between “programs”, “courses”, “classes”, and “credits”.

Prepare to live in Canada

Find out what you need before you travel, after you arrive, and while you are living here. Before you come to tG反波胆首页, be sure your paperwork and plans are ready.

Orientation for international students

Get comfortable with tG反波胆首页 before you arrive! Our international student orientation program gives you great information to prepare for your new tG反波胆首页 life.